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About Long Island Sports Massage 

Long Island Sports Massage focuses primarily on the performance optimization of athletes, as well as injury prevention and injury recovery.  Rest assured that this is not a spa; while sessions are generally enjoyable, most clients are here for corrective therapies rather than relaxation.  We handle a multitude of various athletes, post-surgical rehabilitory clients, those suffering from auto-immune conditions, and those that wish to enhance their current state of wellness.  First-time clients are asked to explain their condition in depth, and will go through a complete postural and structural evaluation to determine the most effective route of treatment.  It is our goal to be sure you understand your specific imbalances, and to offer additional "homework" to ensure the success of your treatment.  Long Island Sports Massage has a strong relationship with the area's top practitioners should you need additional modalities during the course of your treatment.

About the owner

Owner of Long Island Sports Massage, Jaime Savarese, proudly opened her doors to the Stony Brook area with the intent of attracting clients in need of the type of treatment over and above what a local spa can deliver.  Her practice focuses on the performance optimization of athletes, as well as injury prevention and injury recovery.  Jaime has sought out training by only the best of the best in the health and fitness feild, and has completed over 250 clock hours of education on top of her NYS degree including but not limited to: Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Pelvic Stabalization, Complicated Knee Conditions, Active Isolated Stretching, PNF Stretching, Dynamic Stretching, and Kyojung.  Over the course of her career, Jaime has encountered a variety of soft tissue traumas, post-surgical obstacles, and musculoskeletal imbalances.  Jaime's experience in the field and contiued education has successfully allowed her to assist the members of her practice overcome these challanges and reach their personal goals.