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How is Long Island Sports Massage different than a spa?

There are a few differences between a relaxation massage and a corrective massage.  To begin, let me say that I do advocate for the general Swedish massage technique you will find at spas.  It has outstanding positive physiological effects on the circulatory, nervous, digestive, lymphatic and endocrine systems.  You should always incorporate relaxation massages as part of your general wellness care.   

The treatments at Long Island Sports Massage are designed to get to the root of a specific condition.  That is to say your symptom may not be your actual problem- but it does give us a starting point.  The session uses an analytical approach, using a variety of techniques, stretching, strengthening, and retraining of the muscles. The goal is to encourage muscles and structures to stay in a proper resting position.  This will allow your body to operate in the posture it was meant to, and all muscles will engage at the appropriate time.  Without this basis, a condition will ultimately return and could leave you with a lingering problem.

How do I know what kind of massage I need?

Without a working knowledge of what each techniques entails, it's hard to differentiate what will have the greatest positive effect on your body.  After an initial discussion of what goals you would like to acheive through massage therapy, and an evaluation of you body and injuries, we will discuss together what the best approach for you is.  Most sessions involve a number of techniques in a specific order, including rebalancing the structure, addressing specific limitations, and increasing functionality.

What do I wear during my session?

Clients must come prepared for the session.  Wear something comfortable to move and stretch in, such as gym or running shorts, tank top or sports bra.  Both new and existing clients will need to have to their posture and structure evaluated before each session, and the proper clothing makes it easier for both parties.      


What will I feel after the session?

The corrective effects of the session will allow for improved range of motion, less pain, and prevention of future injuries.  These effects will last longer with corrective stretching and strengthening exercises at home.   You may feel slight soreness the following day, depending on your treatment.  This is normal after receiving deep techniques or receiving work on delicate muscles, and should go away in a short time.   

How often do I need a massage?

It’s important to remember that massage therapy is as proactive as it is reactive.  Utilize massage therapy as a part of your training regimen every 1-4 weeks.  For those with injuries, we'll discuss what the best course of action that fits your schedule.