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Best Lower Body Stretches for Tennis

Understand that you should always stretch your leg muscles properly, before and after you play. Stretching your legs is just as important as stretching your tennis arm and can help you avoid lots of aches and pains and injuries!
After you've warmed up and finished your upper body stretches, you can try these exercises so your legs are flexible.
Inner-thigh stretch - Stand with your feet apart, toes pointing forward. Keep one leg straight and bend the other. Move your weight onto the bent leg and lower your body, keeping both feet flat on the ground. Hold for ten seconds. Repeat, and then switch sides.
Calf stretch - For this stretch, look for a bench or the top of the net to hold on to. Keep one leg back and straight, the other forward and bent. Transfer your weight onto the forward leg, keeping the other foot flat on the ground. Hold for ten seconds. Switch to your other leg and repeat.
Quad stretch - To stretch your quadriceps muscles at the front of your thighs, hold on to a net post or bench to support yourself. Then reach behind you, grab an ankle, and gently pull if toward your bottom. Hold the stretch for ten second. Repeat this five times before you switch legs.
Ankle stretch - To relax your ankles, raise one leg in front of you and slowly circle your ankle ten times. Change direction, repeat, and then change feet.
Hamstring stretch - Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and step forward with your left leg. Your left foot should point forward while the right one points out to the right. Bend forward and try to touch you left ankle. Hold for ten seconds and the switch legs. You should feel the stretch in the hamstrings in the back of your front leg.
Lunges - From a standing position, place your hands on your hips, step forward with your right leg, and bend your knee. Keeping the heel of your left foot slightly off the ground, bend your left leg and lower your knee slowly toward the ground. Hold for ten seconds and repeat with the other leg.
Extra tips:
Don't expect to be able to touch your toes. It takes time, just reach as far as is comfortable for you.
Good posture helps you to balance, so keep your head up and back straight.
If you need some support when you are lunging, you can place your hands on your thigh.

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